"Portrait of a Princess: The Truth About You from the King's Point of View"
Book from She Reigns Ministries Founder & Executive Director, S. Kristi Douglas

Who do YOU think you are? 

The way you see, think and feel about yourself matters. Even as adults, our successes or failures, relationships, popular culture and the opinions of other people still manage to influence our level of self-esteem. But when our self-image is based on anything other than the truth of God’s word, we set ourselves up for disappointment and disillusionment. Designed to examine ideas about self-esteem from a feminine and spiritual perspective, “Portrait of a Princess: The Truth about you from the King’s Point of View” offers an eye-opening and in-depth resource for the woman of faith who longs for deep spiritual and personal transformation. Through compelling stories of biblical women interspersed with thought-provoking meditations, author S. Kristi Douglas challenges Daughters of the King to discover the purpose, promises, prayers, power, and passions of a Princess and so much more!

“Portrait of a Princess: The Truth about you from the King’s Point of View” includes a companion 12-week study guide for use with individuals or groups. Plus, the book features an MP3 music download, “Daughter of the King,” with original songs (written and performed by S. Kristi Douglas) designed to enhance and ingrain these soul-affirming and empowering life lessons.