She Reigns Ministries exists to serve women who are in crisis or in transition—or who simply sense a need for personal or spiritual transformation—helping them to move beyond the barriers of their past or present challenges by offering them a God-centered view and value of themselves. This God-centered perspective enables them to become spiritually, mentally and emotionally whole women, capable of making good decisions which will positively impact and transform their lives both now and in the future.



"Portrait of a Princess: The Truth About You from the King's Point of View" by She Reigns Ministries Founder, S. Kristi Douglas

Who do YOU think you are? Even as adults, our successes or failures, relationships, popular culture and the opinions of other people still manage to influence our level of self-esteem. But when our self-image is based on anything other than the truth of God’s word, we set ourselves up for disappointment and disillusionment. 


Education. Inspiration. Affirmation. Transformation. When it comes to producing unique, uplifting events for women, it's simply what we do best. Join us for one of our upcoming events!


She Reigns Ministries has embarked on an ambitious initiative to reach 1,000 women in crisis or in transition with life-changing resources. Learn more about The Princess Project here.